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The Tdeck® EPS Panel System comprises of EPS panels, pre-stressed concrete floor beams and a structural screed. The system can achieve U values of 0.20 W/m˛K and offers fast installation using standard components.

Floor Beams
The pre-stressed floor beams are designed in accordance with BS 8110-1: 1997 are easily handled.

Structural Floor Screed
The Floor Beams and EPS panels are finished with 50mm thick C30 concrete, structural screed finish which is reinforced with either polypropylene fibres or an A98 Mesh.

EPS Infil Panels
The Expanded Polystyrene panels are moulded from lightweight closed cell expanded polystyrene. The panel is manufactured to a density of 17 kg/m3. The profile has been designed to suit existing pre-stressed beam profiles.

EPS infil panels are used in place of standard building blocks between the Floor Beams. The insulation value of the EPS is more than three times better than even the most efficient lightweight thermal block so no further insulation is required in the floor structure. The closed cell lightweight EPS panels are very easy to handle and their design facilitates a very rapid installation.The shape of the panels has been carefully developed to minimize cold bridging at the Floor beams giving an average insulation thickness of approximately 120mm.

Where necessary the panels can be easily cut with a fine toothed saw to accommodate the most awkward lengths, spans widths and services. Off cuts can be reused so waste is minimized . Each block measures 1200 mm long and covers more than five times the area of a standard building block. The EPS panels weigh approximately 2.00 kg each and arrive on site in packs of twelve shrink wrapped in polythene which can be moved comfortably by one person.

The Tdeck® EPS flooring system comprises of Tdeck® polystyrene panels, floor beams ,(Polystyrene sheets and push-fix dowels and pins may be required), standard concrete and aerated concrete perimeter blocks and a structural concrete screed to the certificate holder’s specifications.

The advanced design of the system provides a greater level of home comfort and ensures reduced heating costs.

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